My Vue.js Experience

Last year I wrote about Getting Started with Vue.js. I've been using Vue.js extensively from around that time up until now. In this post I will share my experiences with using the framework.

The Tyranny of Horizontal Architectures (and How You Might Escape): Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I talked about the pains that I and my colleagues have experienced when working in code bases that used N-tier data-centric architectures. In this post, I will detail one approach which has allowed me to escape that madness.

The Tyranny of Horizontal Architectures (and How You Might Escape): Part 1

You've seen it before. You have been tasked to make a seemingly simple change on a web page. Add a couple of fields, perhaps. Or add new functionality, but still CRUD-like in nature. "Piece of cake," you say.

You then proceed to make a change to the HTML. Then to the viewmodel. Then to the business logic layer, which I will also call service layer. Then to the repository layer. Then to the database. (You could also do it in reverse.) All those steps just to add a couple of fields. Which is kind of okay, maybe no big deal. But, as the infomercial says, "Wait, there's more!"

Getting Started with Vue.js

I've been using AngularJS for the longest time. I decided to level up my front-end development knowledge, and part of that is learning about new front-end frameworks. Angular and React are the most popular ones these days, but I also stumbled on Vue. I immediately liked it. In this post, I share how easy it is to get started using Vue. Even easier than AngularJS!

Azure Quickstart: SQL Azure

In a previous post, we talked about hosting a web app with Azure app services. Now, we are going to see how to setup a SQL database on the Azure platform.

Azure Quickstart: Web Hosting with App Services

There was a time when hosting a web application and the backing infrastructure was a long and rather expensive process. But with the advent of the cloud, this process has become much, much easier. This post is about setting up a web application in Azure. Within minutes, you can get your own web app up in Azure. Let's get started!

Deploying a Web Application to Local IIS using Visual Studio 2017

In this post we are going to see how to deploy a web application on your development machine. The end goal is to have a web application running on the development machine outside of the context of Visual Studio and which is accessible to other devices on a local network.

Vertical Slices Application Design with MediatR: Part 2

This is the second post of my two-part series about designing applications using vertical slices and how the open-source library MediatR can facilitate this design. In the first post we talked about the vertical slices design and how it addresses some of the problems in traditional database table-centric designs. In this post we will see how we can implement a vertical slices design using the open source library MediatR. Put on your programmer hat as we'll dive into some code!