Building a Deployment Package with Static Content

I was once working on a MVC 3 project. The project included the usual web stuff: controllers, views, models, images, css files, and javascript files. There are also a couple of Excel files that we use.

Come deployment time, I followed the steps in building a deployment package. To my surprise (horror), a lot of the css, javascript, and image files were not loaded! Even the Excel files could not be found. So what happened?

Enabling SQL Server Authentication after Installation

If you install SQL Server using the default options, Windows authentication will be enabled and SQL Server authentication will be disabled. This post discusses how to enable SQL Server Authentication after installation and also enable the sa login.

Javascript: Truthy and Falsy Values

I used to wonder what this Javascript code fragment means:

How to Test Internal Methods in Visual Studio

Today I will show a very simple way on how to test internal methods in Visual Studio.